How to become a member?

In order for a candidate to become a member, it must have sufficient features for membership and must be approved by the board of directors of the club.

The following method should be used for member selection:

The proposer sends the “NEW MEMBERSHIP FORM” to the club administration board, which he / she has filled out through the instrument of club secretary

If the Board of Directors decides that the basic qualifications of the candidate are sufficient, a Board of Directors shall take the decision and submit it to the “Membership Committee” and the “Classification Committee” separately for the necessary reviews and determination of the class. The Club Secretariat follows these procedures.

Both the “Membership Committee” and the “Classification Committee” reports are discussed at a Board meeting. If the report results are negative; the situation is determined by a decision of the Board of Directors and the relevant file is closed by notifying the proposer. If the report results are positive; the situation is determined by a Board decision and the candidate is asked to fill in the “Application Form” by visiting them; the name and the class are requested to be announced in the club and region.

The relevant “Application Form” and the permission given by the candidate regarding the disclosure of the name shall be determined by a decision of the Board of Directors; it is requested to respond within 10 days by being heard in the presence of the club and the Region. 

If a written and reasoned objection is not received from any member within ten days, and the entry payment has been made for membership, the proposed member shall be deemed to be a member of the club by a new Board decision.

If a written objection is made, the board of directors will vote on this matter at the next meeting. If the board of directors accepts to enter the club in spite of the objections and the entrance payment is made, the prospective member becomes a member of the club.

NOTE: It is recommended to complete the transactions mentioned in the first 3 items within 30 days.