Interact is a Rotary Youth Program sponsored by the Rotary club which has implemented by the Rotary International Board of Directors in 1962. The first Interact Club was established in Melbourne, Florida, USA. Interact clubs provide an opportunity to work to young students who are in the middle school age in order to establish world friendship for service by working together and to establish international understanding. The lexicalisation has become like this.

By taking “Inter” as abbreviated from the international term “international” and by taking “Act” as abbreviated from the ” Action”, Interact lexicalised.

It is a fact that every lnteract club shall be established under the sponsorship of a Rotary club and that it shall be under the supervision of that club. Club activities must include projects that will serve their schools, community and the world.

Today there are more than 10,400 established interact clubs all over the world and more than 239.246 members in 119 different countries. Younger student members of Interact gain experience in leadership primarily through these activities and have practical knowledge in implementing and implementing service projects. Last of all there is a huge happiness of helping others.

One of the big goals of the Interact clubs is to find new possibilities to create a greater understanding and goodwill in the youth of the whole world.