Group Study Exchange

One of the most effective and successful applications of the Rotary Foundation is the Group Study Exchange (GSE) program, which has been around the world since 1965. International Rotary 2420. District has been implementing this program every year since its inception.

This program, which is at the beginning of the professional career of young men and women between the ages of 25 and 40, allows business and business owners to visit another country and opens up mutual understanding channels by developing goodwill and friendship between societies and cultures as well as in other Rotary Foundation programs and contribute to world peace.

With this program that provides professional and cultural communication, four non-Rotarian businessmen / businesspeople travel for 4 weeks to a Rotary district in a foreign country under the leadership of a Rotarian. In this journey, each team member not only sees the cultural and natural beauties of the host country but at the same time he knows the life style of the people and the society of that country closely and increases the manners and knowledge of his own business with professional visits.

With this practice between the two regions in the two countries, one each team from each of the two regions visits the other’s territory and country.

Team members are hosted in the homes of Rotarians, participate in many Rotary meetings throughout the program, and introduce their country and culture as speakers. Particularly, the hosting zone takes part in the official program of the “Regional Conference”, reaching all the clubs and getting a chance to meet the Rotarians.

Requirements for candidate

Being between the ages of 25 and 40

Being working in a specific job or profession for at least two years and returning the program will continue for the same job and occupation at least for a certain period of time

To bring a document signed by the company’s official that the company is working, that it can stay separate from the business during the trip

Being well-informed about the language of the destination country

To be a citizen of the country of nomination and to be resident in the region where it is shown

Be good looking and dressed

To be able to express oneself clearly and logically

Being open minded, tolerant, flexible and responsive to team spirit

Being uncomfortable and not having a health problem that may prevent you from traveling. Be ready to do the needs of an intensive travel and visit program

This program can also be a candidate for Rotaract

Who can not be a candidate?


Honor members of any Rotary club

Those who have first-degree blood ties with a Rotarian

Rotarian spouses

A Rotary club or employee in the organization, or a person who has a first-degree relative to such a person

A Rotarian who has resigned from the Rotary club at least 36 months before the date of the application, or a first-degree relative of such a Rotarian may be a candidate

What to expect from selected candidates in the team

Participating in group meetings and orientation seminars before traveling

Passport and visa, making the requirements of vaccination procedures

Follow the decisions and instructions of the Rotarian who is team leader

Members of the outgoing team are made by the club that proposes health and travel insurance.

Applications, Selection and Proccess

The Club Member or Rotary Foundation Committee Chairperson will fill in the application form for the Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange Team Member and send this form to the Regional Rotary Foundation Committee.

Applicants will be sent to the Rotary Foundation Group Review Exchange Committee by October 15.

The Rotary Foundation Group Review Exchange Committee invites the jury to meet  with each candidate one by one in November, according to the rules of the Rotary Foundation.. The jury chooses four team members to participate in the programa.

The result is reported to the clubs.

Required information and documents are provided from selected team members.

The selected team member will receive the necessary information and prepare the presentation with a calendar to be arranged until the departure date.

The teams usually make their visits in April and May.

How Can Clubs and Rotarians Contribute This Program?

By finding a candidate that suits the above requirements.

Being host fort he foreign team for 3 nights at own home.

Taking the responsibility of the incoming team at any day of their travel program.

By joining the foreign team’s programs personally.

Hosting teams at the weekly regular meeting of the club (incoming or outgoing)

By sponsoring / finding the various needs of incoming or outgoing teams (gifts, T-shirts, jackets, insurance, etc.).