Professional Services

Professional services are “Second Service Branch” among service branches. Rotarians offer services that are personally most closely related to members of the Professional Service because of their commitment to representing their business or profession at the time of their Rotarian friends and for their commitment to doing their job at the highest ethical standards and being a model person in their profession.

In professional services programs there are some programs to strengthen quality-enhancing business relations in business, trade, industry, and professions. Rotarians believe that each person is a valuable contributor to their daily work and professional activities and to a better gathering of these activities.

One way to help in professional services is usually to guide young and new-born people, to be a pioneer in their career choices, to promote the characteristics of their profession. Some clubs go to schools for these purposes and give conferences about their professions and try to shed light on young people. Rotary clubs, on the other hand, go on to encourage and promote professional success through rewarding people who have succeeded in their profession in society. They try to direct the young people who are prepared to enter the business world by transcending the words and phrases that are exceeding honesty in business and professional services related to the “4th Self-examination” and other similar professional ethics that have become a symbol in Rotary. A common practice in many clubs is to listen to their speeches and make use of them collectively by frequently inviting them to meetings of people known to be successful and prominent in their profession as speakers.

Regardless of the method of fulfillment of their professional services, the Rotarians have a sense of appreciating the value of any useful occupation in the business and professional sphere, and they wave the features that seek high ethical standards in every profession and business as a flag at every opportunity. For this reason, this service area is a basic requirement for every Rotary club.