World Community Service (WCS )

World Community Service (WCS) is another Rotary program. With this program, any club or region of any country provides humanitarian assistance to the club project in another country. Typically, we can give an example. For example, Rotary projects are being prepared to help to improve and raise living standards in the society of a developing country. The purpose of this service, which we call the World Community Service project, is to show a universal friendship as a result of establishing a goodwill and understanding among the people of the world.

It may be possible to make the assistance Project to reach the helpless countries by benefit from Project World Community Service (WCS) .Thus it is possible to identify the needy clubs in a remote corner of the world. The monthly list of club addresses that are waiting for valuable activity from the developing region is available at the International Rotary secretariat at Evanston and can be obtained immediately upon request. This list details the projects waiting for assistance, their estimated costs and who should be contacted.

The project change list and database of the World Community Services (WCS) which are monthly renewal, are available on the RI website at The clubs that are waiting for help for a humanitarian service project they are planning to do or who want to participate in such a project and seek another club for this purpose may print their names on this list.

Clubs which appeal for help from the World Community Service project can always change and renew their wish lists and register with WCS center. As a consequence of such a service, a world-wide communication network provides a practical solution through other external sources.

At the end of the examination, you will have the chance to find a project designed to meet the urgent needs of a community you really need, or a club that is ready to cooperate elsewhere in the world for this. There is a chance of helping one corner of the world where is struggling to develop. The only job left to do is to “start work immediately” and help to finish the project. In doing so, we will strengthen the bridges of friendship and understanding of the world we strive to develop in the world.