The Rotary Foundation


  • The Rotary Foundation has two main goals;
  • Achieve Rotary’s Purpose and Mission.
  • To work to provide understanding and peace in the world.
  • The assets and achievements of Civil Society Organizations are two main elements; Members (staff) Projects (common target)

Introducing The Rotary Foundation Programs

Members share common goals, produce projects and perform them. Solidarity and friendship among the members are reinforced as the positive results of the projects are taken. These friendships lead to new projects. There will not be one without one.

International Rotary needed the support of the Rotary Foundation to keep these two members together and to ensure the continuity of Rotary, the strengthening, and effectiveness of Rotary clubs, and the Rotary Foundation developed programs that encouraged clubs and Rotarians to project clubs and Rotarians in parallel with this goal and mission.

The programs and sub-titles of the Rotary Foundation are as follows.


Detailed information:

Humanitarian Grants Programs

Simplified Region Grants

Matching Grants

Health-Hunger-Humanitarian Grants

Voluntary Grants

Education Scholarships Programs

Embassy (goodwill) Scholarships

Grants for University Teachers (Georgia adopted by Rotary International Scholarship, Scholarship Israel, Japan and Turkey Scholarship Foundation Scholarship Program but not with District Rotary Foundation Committee are followed.)

Peace Scholarships Programs

Rotary Education Centers for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies – (Rotary World Peace Scholars)

Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution Work Program (Thailand)

Group Review Change

Fund Creation

Annual Fund

Permanent Fund