Purpose and ideal

Encouraging and developing the service concept which is considered as the basis of all valuable enterprises,

Development and evaluation of recognition as a service opportunity,

The promotion of high moral standards in business and professional life, the recognition and appreciation of the value of all useful professions, and the glorification of each Rotarian’s own business and profession as a collective service opportunity,

The application of each Rotarian’s “Service Ideal” in personal, business and professional life and community life,

Service Ideal is defined as the development of international understanding, goodwill and peace by establishing world-wide friendship associations among unified business and professions.

According to these principles, Rotary is;

It is an understanding and a way of life.

It is social and has no secrets.

Develops international acquaintance.

It allows friendship and friendship to develop.

It provides an opportunity to exchange information between business and professions.

It gives business and professional people the opportunity to support each other.

It creates a more humane society in a friendly and friendly environment.

It helps the members to develop leadership skills and make collective work useful.

It is an instrument for the development of relations between the states of the world and for universal peace.

Rotary’s Service Ideal

It is defined as SERVICE BEFORE SELF.

This point of view implies an attitude that encompasses all Rotarians of the World, and this service principle brings together all people on Earth within a common purpose.

As of July 2006, more than 1,200,000 people combined in service ideals are members of the Rotary Club, which exceeds 30,000. A Rotary Club membership only occurs when, on invitation, up to 5 members of the professions in the region or clubs with a membership number of 50 per cent are elected for membership of up to 10% of the number of club members. The purpose of classification in Rotary Clubs; to ensure that each club has a full section of all occupations and occupations in the region.

Rotarians effort to create; organisation where there is mess, beauty where there is ugliness, happiness and health where there is loneliness and misunderstanding

According to this principle,

Rotary; in an atmosphere of friendship, and in an impartial environment, religious, political and socio-political view of an organization trying to bring together different people. It also helps to develop cooperation and understanding for unified interests by avoiding partisan activities that cause frequent divisions among people, even though opinions and opinions are different.

Rotarians serve wherever and whenever possible.

Rotarians do not think of their business only as a source of livelihood. It is a tool for Rotarians to maintain their business and professional life and to serve other people.

Besides, it is expected that every Rotarian will be faithful to his country and his beliefs. Because political and religious views are a matter of one’s own interest.

In Rotary, which initially looked like a solidarity organization, it was gradually understood that it was not sufficient for the business person and the occupiers to have a constant interest in the time, and the aim was gradually to be guided by the service itself and the opinion became increasingly widespread and adopted.

Rotary principles prohibit the use of your membership for commercial benefits. As a matter of fact, in the last paragraph of the “Declaration of Rotarians of Work and Professional Offices” that every Rotarian must follow:

“I accept and declare that I can not recognize the priorities and advantages that I do not normally recognize to others in business and professional relations and I do not expect similar priorities and advantages from my Rotarian friends in the same way as a Rotarian with business and profession”.

Rotary’s fundamental approach is to create people and international common values, to bring people closer together, and to contribute to universal peace.

In every country, individuals support the service providers by accepting the country problems without expecting everything from the state. This often happens not in the way of personal action but in the hands of Civil Society Organizations where people come together.

Rotary, apart from other non-governmental organizations, is not a charitable association or a lonely community of friends. Rotary’s help is not in charity or charity.

Rotary is an organization that has laid the groundwork for the establishment of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO as an example to organizations such as Kwanis founded in 1915, Lions founded in 1917 and Optimist and Zonta founded in 1919.

In order to achieve their goal, every work has been planned and succeed will take place in Rotary’s proposed Programs.

As a service organization, Rotary will continue to grow and be respected throughout the world if clubs and members can implement their programs well.

The aim of Rotary, gathered in six primitives until the 1935 Mexican Convention, was reduced to a single article in four parts in the 1951 Atlantic City Convention.

A Rotarian is required to develop and encourage the following four areas.

The development of familiarity is a service opportunity,

Establishment of high ethical standards in work and profession, acceptance that all useful work is respectable, and that every Rotarian honors his or her job and profession as a service for collecting,

Each Rotarian’s application of service ideals to his personal business and community life,

It is the development of mutual understanding goodwill and peace by establishing world-wide friendship relationships among unified business and professional men in service ideals.