Press and Communication Services
Newspaper Publishing N/A
Journalism N/A
News Agencies N/A
Trt N/A
Typograph N/A
Publishing House Management N/A
Investment Banking N/A
Deposit Banking N/A
Specialized Banking N/A
Credit Cards Marketing N/A
Finance N/A
Shipping Agency N/A
Ship Operation N/A
College Communication Teaching Member Konca Yumlu
Kindergarten Management N/A
Private Teaching Institution - Course Management N/A
Private School Management N/A
Private Student Dormitory Management N/A
Computer Services
IT Services Sezer Yanık
Computer Systems Analyst N/A
Computer Technical Service N/A
Computer Software N/A
Fine Arts
Handicrafts N/A
Performing Arts-Opera Aytül Büyüksaraç
Sound Arts N/A
Literature N/A
Photography N/A
Cinema TV Teaching Member N/A
Painter Ayşegül Kurtel
Farm Management N/A
Agricultural Output N/A
Tobacco Business N/A
Tobacco Exports N/A
Tobacco Trading N/A
Feed Industry N/A
Legumes N/A
Removal of Various Mines N/A
Coal Employment and Trade N/A
Gold Production N/A
Gold Trading N/A
Beekeeping N/A
Sheep and Goat Breeding Vedat Ercan
Bovine Breeding N/A
Others N/A
Aquaculture N/A
Vegetable Oil Production and Trade N/A
Flour and Flour Products Trade N/A
Pasta Production and Trade N/A
Canned Food Production and Trade N/A
Production of Milk and Milk Products N/A
Sugar and Sugar Production N/A
Groceries Malz. Production and Trade N/A
Fruit and Vegetable Production and Trade N/A
Textile and Apparel
Yarn Production and Trade N/A
Cotton Weaving Production and Trade Sahir Şamlı
Cotton Yarn Trade N/A
Cotton Production N/A
Dress, Apparel Trade N/A
Home Textile, Decoration N/A
Other N/A
Consumer’s Goods Production and Trade
Book and Music Marketing Engin Erbesler
Alcoholic Beverage Production and Trade N/A
Non-Alcoholic Beverage Production and Trade N/A
Cement Production and Trade N/A
Derivative Goods Production and Trade N/A
Shoes-Bag-Belt N/A
Tile-Brick Production and Trade N/A
Production and Sales of Construction Materials Ömer Akgerman, Muhittin Bilget
Ceramic-Glass Paint Manufacturing Mustafa Delen
Sales of Cars N/A
Electronic devices N/A
Business Administration
Hotel-Motel Pension Management Rıza Elibol
Restaurant Management N/A
Bar-Patisserie Management N/A
Botanic Cafge Administration Tuğçe Küçükören
General Law Attorney Sezai Noyan
Criminal Law Advocate N/A
Legal Consultancy N/A
Notary N/A
Engineering and Architecture
Architecture Bülent Veryeri, Arda Işık
City and Regional Planning N/A
Civil Engineering Talat Sivri, Amaç Aksoy
Industrial Engineering Berrin Ertürk
Environmental engineering N/A
Mechanical engineering N/A
Other Engineerings N/A
Parquet Trading Ali Veryeri


Project Construction and Installation N/A
Immovable Property Management N/A
Watering N/A
Psychologist Selin Tabak
Orthopedist Doctor N/A
General Surgery N/A
Plastic surgery N/A
Other Medical Doctors N/A
Dentist N/A
Veterinary Medicine N/A
Pharmacy N/A
Ophthalmologist N/A
Industrial Products Production and Trade
Hunting Flask Manufacturing N/A
Iron and Steel Production and Sales N/A
Sponge Bed and Furniture Production N/A
Iron and Steel Production and Exporting N/A
Paper Production and Trade N/A
Paint Production and Trade N/A
Soap Production and Trade N/A
Detergent Production and Trade N/A
Industrial Chemistry N/A
Plumbing and Sanitaryware N/A
Plumbing Material Production and Trade N/A
Plumbing Materials Trading N/A
Air Conditioning Production and Sales N/A
Auto Side Industry Production and Trade N/A
Manufactured from plastic material Kemal Zorlu
Electric Materials Manufacturing and Trade N/A
Bolt Production and Trade N/A
Electrical Machinery Production and Trade N/A
Electrical Machinery Production and Trade Hüseyin Hıdır
Electric Motor Production N/A
Water Machinery Production and Trade Özden Ertöz
Auto Spare Part N/A
Automotive N/A
Packaging Materials production and Trade Bekir Eryılmaz
Food Matter Exports Yaşar Yüksek
Agricultural Products Exports N/A
Others N/A
Medicines N/A
Agrochemicals N/A
Pharmaceutical warehouse N/A
Storage Capacity N/A
Insurance Agency N/A
Insurance Services N/A
Private security Gürsel Hancı
Industrial Products Representation N/A
International Representation Bülent Şenocak
Tourism and Travel Agency Yıldız Gürgün
Tour Organizer N/A
Airways transporting N/A
Maritime Transportation Lucien Arkas
Highway transports N/A
Cargo Services N/A
Logistics N/A
Forest Products Industry
Tree Industry Hamdi Tanık
Timber Trading N/A
Finance-Accounting Service Office
Financial Consultancy Celal Özlü
Accountancy N/A
Public relations N/A
Customs Commission N/A
Chemical Substances
Chemical Substance Production and Trade N/A
Human resources
Human resources manager N/A